The Taw Torridge Estuary is one of the few such in the South West where personal water craft (more commonly known as jetskis) are allowed to operate.

Users of such craft should be aware that there is a zoning system on the estuaries and their zone can be found on maps located at various launching ponts around the estuaries. There is also a voluntary 7 knot speed limit on most of the water inside a line from Churchfield Slip to Crow Point

For their safety and that of others users are asked to adhere to these arrangements and to ensure that they have third party insurance to cover accidents.

Users should also be aware that the esuary can at times be dangerous due to fast running tides and that it is often busy near high water with swimmers, kayakers, paddleboarders and sailors.

Please use your craft in such a way that others are not endangered or inconvenienced by your activities.